Does Size Matter?

24th February 2020 |

The growth of the cruise industry over the last 20 years has seen the emergence of bigger and bigger ships. These ships really are impressive and offer such a fantastic range of facilities for all ages but are they right for everybody?

When looking to book a cruise there is so much to consider; whether you are choosing your cruise for the destinations it is visiting or for the facilities on board it is important you do your homework and choose the right ship. Let us take a look at some of the pros and cons of both.

In terms of the larger ships, of which some can carry 5,000 plus passengers, these ships will offer a vast selection of restaurants, bars and lounges along with everything from water slides, surf simulators, rock climbing walls, bumper cars and much more. Clearly the benefits of these facilities means families with children will have endless entertainment to keep them busy on sea days. When it comes to choosing a cabin you will find a huge selection of cabin types including a large number of balcony cabins which means you will find the prices of balcony cabins reasonable when comparing to an inside cabin.

Although the service provided on these ships is fantastic, you will find that they are not as intimate or personal as the smaller ships. It can also be quite challenging when the ship is at full occupancy to find a bed around the pool or your favourite spot in a bar or lounge. The sheer size of these ships means that they cannot always dock in every port. In the smaller ports you will find the ship will tender off shore and transport you to the port side in smaller boats. Obviously these boats can only take so many passengers at a time so when you are looking at potentially 5,000 passengers’ trying to get off and on the ship…a little patience is needed.

This brings me on to the benefit of the smaller ships. They can access more ports without tender but when tender is needed you have a lot less passengers to transport. They can also access some ports that the bigger ships don’t touch. You will also find that these ships are much more personable with staff members getting to know you by name and if you are the type of person that likes socialising you will find you will bump into the same people regularly. It is much easier to get familiar with the ship, knowing your way around is much easier than on larger ships.

Smaller ships don’t have as many facilities on board, fewer places to eat, fewer bars to drink in and less things to keep you active during sea days. The quieter atmosphere will allow you to wind down easier.

Whether you to choose to go big or small the key question is what is right for you, ; this is where our cruise specialists come in. With a wide range of knowledge on numerous cruise ships and years of experience in finding the perfect cruise for customers, we can help find the best cruise for you.

Happy Cruising